What’s a Community of Practice?

Communities of Practice are groups of individuals who share a common concern or passion on a specific subject, and enjoy learning about it through regular sharing. Communities of practice are limited to neither legal boundaries nor employees of an organization. They are very informal and spontaneous, and difficult to manage. They represent the emergence of networks forging complex links between participants involved in a “broader enterprise”. The community of practice is the very essence of an organisation based on knowledge flows: they constitute a privileged area of group intelligence, innovation, and collective knowledge development.  


MOS Club

The MOS Club is a community of practice dedicated to MOS Clients and MOS Chorus users. Its objective is to discuss, share eLearning experiences and MOS best practise.

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inCOrPorate is a platform open to clients and users, universities, and experts. Its objective is to exchange and share best practice and ideas about eLearning and blended learning.

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Palette, a European Community project

MOS – MindOnSite contributed to a project funded by the European Community, whose objective was to facilitate and improve individual and organisational learning in communities of practice, through.

  • establishing specific usage models
  • developping innovative, interoperable, and extendable services