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Smart Learning Portals

Tested and approved, ready-made and rapidly deployed portals

Start your learning programmes right away and with ease!

MOS – MindOnSite has created the Smart Learning Portals, turnkey learning portals specific to a particular business sector, in order to ease the initiation, the implementation and the deployment of your learning programmes.

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Our Smart Learning Portals offer ready-made learning environments that answer individual and collective learning challenges of a specific business sector.

The Smart Learning Portals are ready-to-use solutions that can fully be customised in terms of features and graphical appearence, and be implemented in a very short period of time for a given target audience (restricted or extended).

Smart learning portalsReady-to-use learning portals

  • Turnkey structure
  • Engaging learning environment for users
  • Centralised management space for administrators
  • Secured environment for your ecosystem
  • Dedicated and customised learning activities
  • Catalogues of already integrated or custom-made modules
  • Various modalities (face-to-face, eLearning, virtual classrooms, coaching…)
  • Consulting services to identify, adjust, deploy and communicate

Smart learning portalsThree levels of customisation

  • Turnkey (immediate use)
  • Customised (visual identity, questionnaires/content and processes)
  • Custom-made (conceived, produced and deployed in reply to specifications)

Smart learning portalsSpecific to a sector

Created by our team of experts, the Smart Learning Portal answers learning challenges specific to a business sector: Aeronautic, Agri-food, Bancassurance, Sales force, Onboarding, Health…

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