Be independent in managing your training, and monitor your learning projects from A to Z.


The administration tool of MOS Chorus lets you create and update the users database, import users, post announcements and blogs, and create forums.

You can also monitor your learners’ progress and control the access to the platform and to the courses.

Automated registrations and self-registration limit administrative work and saves precious time.


User management

  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese…)
  • Interconnection with HR-IS, CRM, ERP directories
  • User import
  • Attribution of roles (administrator, learner, tutor, manager, supervisor, etc.)
  • Creation and management of sessions, groups and sub-groups
  • Automatic and programed publication of content
  • Registration of learners (manual and automated)

Automated registration

  • Registration of users by the manager or an administrator
  • Automation of course registrations
  • Self-registration possible for courses

Centralized or decentralized administration

  • Centralized (mono-site platform) administration
  • Decentralized (multi-site platform) administration

MOS Chorus is a multi-site platform. The multisite feature lets you manage several sites independently of each other, with their own content, graphical look & feel and users list, from one single platform. The content and user management can be done per site, function, or language, etc.