MOS – MindOnSite’s web service capabilities allow to complement the LMS / LCMS platform MOS Chorus with additional features and integrate external systems (HR-IS, e-commerce, virtual classroom…).


Please contact us at, if you are interested in getting these services or developing new ones adapted to your needs.



WebEx | View product sheet

  • Makes it easier to create WebEx virtual classes in MOS Chorus and retrieve information on participants.
  • Create your WebEx session in MOS Chorus and enable participants to log in via a direct link.


PayPal | View product sheet

  • Offers online payment functionalities for access to training programmes.
  • Enables administrators to propose fee-paying training paths to users. Users can then register and pay the required amount online. Payment is carried out via PayPal, the online payment service, which also accepts credit and debit cards.


MCQ | View product sheet

  • Creates exercises with multiple-choice questions or single-answer questions in Excel.
  • Enables you to load predefined exercises easily in a training path on the MOS Chorus platform.


Reminder & SMS | View product sheet

  • Sends notifications and reminders to different users.
  • Enables you to manage group registration and deregistration, send reminders before or after the start or end date, and inform users of their successfully attained goals or unsuccessful attempts.


PDF | View product sheet

  • Generates a PDF containing different information in MOS Chorus.
  • Enables you to produce a PDF version of the training certificates awarded for completing the training path, for achieving goals and for attempts, generate PDF dashboard reports, create a PDF file for exporting content in the path editor.


Chat | View product sheet

  • Enables a chat panel to facilitate group communication between learners and tutors.
  • Enables participants to use the online chat feature. Based on the CuteChat interface which is a Web.NET application.