Simplify how you provide and manage trainings with the LMS / LCMS platform, MOS Chorus


Learning Management System (LMS), that lets you manage training programs, monitor user progress, and share knowledge within the company

System management
  • 100% customizable
  • Security management (access control, single sign-on SSO)
  • Optimized licence usage (account deactivation/reactivation)
  • Fully controlled with web services
  • Centralized (mono-site platform) or decentralized (multi-site platform) administration 
User management
  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese…)
  • Interconnection with HR-IS, CRM, ERP directories
  • User import
  • Allocation of roles (administrator, learner, tutor, manager, supervisor, etc.)
  • Creation and management of sessions, groups and sub-groups
  • Automatic and programmed publication of content
  • Registration of learners (manual and automated)
Event management
  • Automation of course sequencing
  • Management of communication resources (announcements, blogs, forums, chat…)
  • Notification of events (registration, reminders, completion…)
  • Planning of training events
  • Registration schedules
Monitoring and reporting
  • General or detailed view of the answers from a group or from an individual
  • Contextualised dashboards
  • Standard reports organised into categories and customizable profiles
  • Multi-format reports (graphs, lists, tables, Excel export)
  • Sorting and filtering by program, group, sub-group, users selection and profile


Content Management System (CMS), that enhances collaborative work in creating training resources

Role and task management
  • Allocation of roles (author, contributor, validator)
  • Task management (creation, revision, approval)
Course management
  • Course import
  • Creation of content (classroom-based training, eLearning, blended learning, presentations, quizzes, surveys, databases…)
  • Organisation of content (site, file, virtual pack, catalogue…)
  • Creation of resource libraries
  • Moderation of content
  • Management of content revision
  • Indexing