Simplify your learning programs management and organization



MOS Chorus is a fully integrated LMS and LCMS platform.

The fully integrated suite of content creation and learning management software solutions offers numerous advantages:

  • Create and manage content and users in one single platform
  • Avoid interoperability issues between the two tools
  • Facilitate the content distribution
  • Capture content improvement needs
  • Benefit from the whole or part of the tools (opening additional modules can easily be done afterwards)
  • Build dynamic curriculums and offer learners adapted and customized content
  • Considerably reduce the number of tools used
  • Have identical system architectures that evolve side by side
  • Harmonize the systems’ administration and maintenance

On MOS Chorus, the functional modules of administration tool, content editor, style editor and interface editor are fully integrated: you can either choose to have all or some of those modules, the platform being extremely modular and flexible.



LMS (Learning Management System) platform

To manage training programs, monitor user progress, and share knowledge within your company

IT system designed to optimize the management and organization of all training activities (registration of participants, distribution of resources, organisation of individual programs, tutoring, learner communities animation).


LCMS (Learning Content Management System) platform 

To enhance collaboration in creating training resources

System used to create, approve, publish, and generate learning content, and cheaper and more frequent updates of resources already published.