MOS Player for travelling users (Windows application)


Your teams are mobile with limited access to Internet?

MOS Player is a free software provided with the MOS Chorus platform, that allows your travelling learners to study where they want, when they want, at their own pace.


MOS Player Windows

  MOS Player Windows is an eLearning content player for offline use. Learners download their courses, before leaving, and play them locally and offline. They can interrupt them at any moment and pick up where they left off. MOS Player synchronises their progress and results once connected to the LMS platform MOS Chorus in just a click.


For more information, please download the Product sheet and contact us.



MOS Player multi-user extension

MOS Player is now available in a multi-user version, ideal for learners who work on a single workstation.

  • Supports multiple users on a single instance of the program. Learners using the same computer play their courses locally and save their progress.
  • Allows the manager to create local users, add existing users on a MOS Chorus server, and synchronize all users’ results in just one click.


For more information about the multi-user extension, please download the Product sheet