How to assess and deploy a training opportunity?


Developing and formalising a training strategy, improving the efficiency of your processes, or offering expert advice on technological choices that need to be made…? MOS – MindOnSite, with Demos Group, helps you improve your corporate governance and business strategy.


MOS – MindOnSite provides you with a specialist to support you at all stages of your project:

  • From the analysis of your organization’s initial situation, through a network of high-level partners and consultants
  • To the completion of all or part of your training programmes


Examples of projects in:

Training management

  • Create an in-house training establishment at your company
  • Optimise your training costs
  • Introduce an online training interface
  • Assess how training is organised

Real-time skills management

  • Draw up lists of operational skills
  • Design a system for assessing skills online
  • Develop a system for assessing skills and professional mobility
  • Introduce a skills management system