What are the skills required to implement and manage an eLearning training program?


The introduction of eLearning into your company will require that some members of your organization receive a certain amount of training, which is also a service that MOS – MindOnSite provides.

On-the-Job Training :

  • project management for blended learning projects
  • design and creation of a blended learning program or information/educational resources
  • online tutoring


You want to manage your platform’s administration (create users, manage access to online lessons…)? You wish to increase your knowledge of content creation?

To optimize  your platform’s features and help you become independent in the creation and editing of your content, we offer on-site training. The training sessions are adapted to your specific needs and your time schedule. They combine classroom-based training, eLearning, coaching and virtual classroom session (WebEx).

Training on MOS “tools”

  • administration
  • interface editing
  • content creation and editing
  • style editing
  • online tutoring