Make your training more practical, precise and dynamic!



Training content can be divided up into very short and specific modules (micro-modules), making it easier to:


  • distribute “just in time”
  • offer quick testing and surveys
  • learn in a simple and fast way
  • offer “à la carte” choices
  • bookmarking, so that users can pick up where they left off
  • have direct access to the resources of a programme outside its normal course
  • do keyword searches for individual resources


The microcontent in microlearning


The micro-modules are compatible with summary resources: flashcardy, summary, video, podcast, multiple choice quizz, “word of the day”, blog, microgame…

It is adapted to the latest generation of methods:

  • new subscriptions (RSS, news, updates)
  • “push” access (or automatic publication notification)
  • smartphone and mobile phones (notification via SMS, MMS…)