Take advantage of the latest technologies with MOS – MindOnSite


MOS – MindOnSite’s products do not have to be installed on the customers’ workstations to run. They are 100% web-based applications with no ActiveX controls or Java applets.

Authors and learners only need an Intranet/Internet access to connect to the solution.



MOS Chorus and its technologies

MOS Chorus is a 100% web-based application developed using the latest AJAX technologies (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML):

  • XML for informative data
  • XSL for the presentation of information
  • JavaScript to display and interact with the information presented in real time

AJAX applications can be used within web browsers that support the aforementioned technologies. These include Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Content and format are separate. Content is held in XML files so that different styles can be applied.

MOS Chorus uses QTI 2.0 to describe exercises in tests and evaluations.


Make it easier to translate content

MOS Chorus uses XML file exchange format for XLIFF localisation. The variety and complexity of the file formats used complicates the translation of electronic documents, software and web applications.

XLIFF format has been designed to facilitate linguistic localization by using a standardised exchange format for data to be translated.