Secured hosting


MOS – MindOnSite outsources the hosting of its platforms, to secured hosting professionals in Geneva.


DFi operates services in the Canton of Geneva and the Canton of Vaud, with 3 Data Centers more than 50 km away, in a completely secured environment.

DFi is certified ISO27001 :2013 (international information security standard) et OCPD / Good Privacy (data protection certification).

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Infrastructure security elements 

  • Equipment in private rooms, accessible only to persons authorized and identified visually and by biometrical prints
  • Video surveillance 24/7, 365 days
  • Smoke and fire detector system
  • Stabilized double electrical network, without power cuts, backed up by batteries and generators allowing several days of autonomy
  • Air conditioning system


Network security elements

  • Cable system using different paths between components
  • No Single Point of Failure on the backbone
  • Network access through numerous BGP connections. Private peering with Swisscom
  • Cluster servers with high availability with power supply and redundant ventilation. IBM BLADE CENTER and boot from SAN technology 
  • Data storage via fiber optics guaranteed by SAN or NAS technology (2 SAN)
  • Daily backups and data integrality
  • Surveillance and reestablishment of services 24/7, 365 days
  • Guarantee and SLA on most services


Security management

  • 2x redundant firewalls active/active
  • 2x Intrusion Detection System
  • Traffic monitoring : Netflow
  • Monitoring : nagios with unique console Network + Host