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Sustainable commitment

To contribute to the implementation of educational projects and take part in education endeavors around the world matters to us.

lnvesting in human capital is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

We extend our work beyond Internet connections.

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We seek to limit our impact in our working environment…

Our office is located close to public transportation.

We optimise our energy consumption, we recycle and limit waste. We encourage web conferencing to limit travels.

We develop online and innovative learning solutions that are:

… and in our products!

  • Ecological

Zero travel = Zero CO2

Zero paper = Zero waste = Zero deforestation

  • Social

Access to good quality training granted to a large number of people, regardless of their knowledge or their culture

Cross-generation exchange between young and more experienced people

  • Economic

Sustainable and profitable long-term investment

Reduction of time spent in travelling and in classrooms