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2015 authoring tool ranking

The authoring tools are getting more importance as companies tend to reduce outsourcing costs. Logical consequence to the strong eLearning growth.


The ranking of authoring tools is a great source of inspiration for training managers looking for an adequate tool. Three “French” learning software developers appear in its 2015 ranking, awarded for their authoring tools’ innovation, functional scope, and growth potential.

“Even though MOS – MindOnSite is Swiss, it is a subsidiary of Demos, one of the major French training groups. France is also its key market. The LMS platform MOS Chorus and its authoring tool MOS Solo made MOS – MindOnSite well-known. The free authoring tool helped increase the brand visibility into pedagogical engineering circles. Since the almost-complete disappearance of Cerpoint VLS from the French market, MOS – MindOnSite is one the last software developers offering an LMS platform natively integrated with an authoring tool.”


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