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2017 bsoco Awards: vote for us

2017 bsoco Awards

2017 bsoco Awards

Do not miss the 2017 bsoco Awards!

Each year, the bsoco Awards recognise the best software editors.

Awards are given based on the assessment of an independent international panel of judges and of users themselves who answer a questionnaire. The responses of thousands of users are converted into a bsoco index score.

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bsoco, your software comparison tool

bsoco is a unique concept that transposes users’ feedback on software performance into a factual relevance index score. Each software is evaluated according to four criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services).

The bsoco website provides a comprehensive tool for evaluating and selecting software based on a community of qualified users.


And it’s free!

As a member, you vote and leave feedback on applications and software. You can freely access fact sheets and benefit from the exhaustive study of software in the market. You can find software rankings in comparison with other market solutions as well as user reviews.

Registration is free and votes are anonymous.

Become a member now!