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2017 Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies

2017 Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies announces its 2017 Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies list.

2017 Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies

As part of its mission to monitor the best providers of training services and technologies, announces its 2017 “Top 20 Authoring Tool Companies”.

We are proud to be selected for the fourth year in a row!

Our MOS Chorus platform is a complete learning management (LMS) and authoring tool (LCMS) solution in one. The MOS Chorus LCMS enables to create interactive and media-rich content, collaboratively in online and offline mode.

The new HTML5 player enables a perfect synchronisation between the media and the display of comments. It is possible to activate a function at the end of a played video, obliging the learner to go all the way through the end or to display comments during the playing of the media. To know more.

“The 2017 Top Authoring Tools Companies List recognizes the organizations that enable the creation of interactive and engaging training,” said Ken Taylor, President, Training Industry, Inc. “These companies are at the forefront of their sector, delivering the most advanced and intuitive authoring tools available in today’s learning technologies market.”

The authoring tools segment of the training industry benefits from the innovation of these companies, which bring new and engaging technologies into corporate learning,” said Doug Harward, CEO of Training Industry, Inc.

An international recognition…

This international award recognizes LMS platform editors that fullfil the following criteria:

  • Breadth of functionality and capabilities
  • Commitment to the corporate training market
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Number and strength of clients
  • Geographic reach