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A LMS platform definitely “mobile learning”

In her interview published on the website Elearning Letter on 28 Nov. 2014, Elodie Primo talks about mobile learning, emphazing that there should no room left for improvisation.

Elodie Primo reminds us that mobile learninghas become essential for the learners that are more demanding and wish to follow their courses whenever and wherever they want. Taking example from learning projects of airline or telecom clients, she tells us all about the challenges covered by Mobile Learning.

To better answer to her clients’ challenges, she easily combines mobile learning with social learning (to reinforce training by peers) and gamification (to motivate learners).  Elodie Primo, MOS – MindOnSite CEO,  synthesize everything about Mobile Learning bringing out the fact that nothing can be improvised in this area.

The MOS Chorus platform definitely mobile, as it manages the distribution and synchronization of different types of content in various operating environments.

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