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đź’Ą 7 Insider Secrets To Find An Enterprise-Friendly LMS For Your Extended Sales Channel

đź’Ą 7 Insider Secrets To Find An Enterprise-Friendly LMS For Your Extended Sales ChannelDigital Learning

Article written by Christopher Pappas, founder of eLearning Indsutry    Choosing an LMS for external partner training versus in-house L&D involves a unique vetting process. In this article, I share 7 insider secrets to find a user-friendly enterprise LMS that’s just right for your extended sales channel.   Picking The Right LMS For Your Extended […]

🎦User-generated content : the best way to boost learner engagement?Content editing

What is user-generated content? User-generated content or UGC refers to content produced by users. Emerging around a decade ago, UGC takes a variety of forms in many different fields. The best-known UGC platform nowadays is Wikipedia, which is driven by contributions from the community. More recent examples include the social network Instagram and travel platforms […]

🎨 16 tools for creating irresistible training content!Content editing

16 tools for creating irresistible training content! Just like many other areas in life, training content is shaped by both style and substance. Your training content plays a key role in transferring knowledge and enhancing learners’ skills, but it’s also important to pay careful attention to visual aspects! These will allow you to showcase your […]

📱 Mobile learning: responsive portal or mobile application?Digital Learning

Mobile learning: a true necessity! Technological progress has radically changed the way we consume digital information. It’s plain to see: smartphones have taken over the world. In less than eight years, they’ve won over consumers from all age groups with their ease of use and ubiquity. Offering the ability to use different channels such as […]

🚀 5 steps to switch from face-to-face to digital training !Digital Learning

“How can I switch from face-to-face training to digital methods? How can I optimise my content and class structure? How can I improve learner engagement? What tools should I use? Where do I start?” No training manager can escape these questions when switching from a face-to-face format to digital training. To address them, you’ll need […]

🕊️ MOS CoVivre: solidary learning portal!Digital Learning

Let’s move forward together to make this period a great opportunity for learning !   Have you seen the bird in our logo? It is hummingbird, only bird capable of flying in all directions, it is at the heart of an Amerindian legend saying that to extinguish a fire everyone must do his part. So, […]

How to deploy a Digital Learning system globally in 7 key lessons?Digital Learning

“7 lessons of Digital Learning without boarders” It is important to be inspired by digital learning as it is practised in French, and of course international companies. It is only by opening up to successful projects and practices and, it must be said, digital learning cultures observed “elsewhere”, that we can enrich our own training […]

From LMS to Smart Learning Portals: extension of the training areaDigital Learning

From LMS to Smart Learning Portals: expanding training area The LMS E-learning “From the LMS platform to the training portal: assessment and perspectives” In her interview published in the E-learning Letter in January 2017, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS-MindOnSite, explains the strategy behind the ready-to-use learning portals that enables to accelerate Digital Learning and make […]

Opinion Paper on ideal LMS platformsDigital Learning

Opinion Paper on ideal LMS platforms Download our brand new Opinion Paper for free We invite you to download this new expert’s analysis on LMS platforms, freshly released. Michel Diaz, Associate Director FĂ©faur opens a discussion on LMS platforms, based on the existing studies that show that companies are not satisfied with their LMS platform (Learning Management […]

About the future of authoring toolsContent editing

About the future of authoring tools In her interview published on 19 December in Elearning Letter, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about authoring tools and the key elements to a successful content creation in the context of an LMS strategy. Content creation is an important aspect of a learning environment. What are […]