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🎦User-generated content : the best way to boost learner engagement?

🎦User-generated content : the best way to boost learner engagement?Content editing

What is user-generated content? User-generated content or UGC refers to content produced by users. Emerging around a decade ago, UGC takes a variety of forms in many different fields. The best-known UGC platform nowadays is Wikipedia, which is driven by contributions from the community. More recent examples include the social network Instagram and travel platforms […]

📱 Mobile learning: responsive portal or mobile application?Digital Learning

Mobile learning: a true necessity! Technological progress has radically changed the way we consume digital information. It’s plain to see: smartphones have taken over the world. In less than eight years, they’ve won over consumers from all age groups with their ease of use and ubiquity. Offering the ability to use different channels such as […]

Mobile Learning accelerating skill developmentMobile Learning

It is a fact, smartphones cannot be avoided. They conquered all aspects of our daily lives, changed our habits and digitised our lives… This digital transformation is impacting the field of training as well. Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about Mobile Learning as a concrete way to accelerate skill development. (Tribune published […]

A LMS platform definitely “mobile learning”Digital Learning

In her interview published on the website Elearning Letter on 28 Nov. 2014, Elodie Primo talks about mobile learning, emphazing that there should no room left for improvisation. Elodie Primo reminds us that mobile learninghas become essential for the learners that are more demanding and wish to follow their courses whenever and wherever they want. Taking […]