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Design: key element for the training mortivation

Elodie Primo was interviewed on 26 Sept. 2014 by Michel Diaz (Féfaur) about the importance of design in eLearning.

The article is available in French and published on the e-learning letter website. 


Elodie Primo talks about the importance of design in the field of Digital learning: the learning portal’s web design, ergonomics, and features are essential. This new “Design” trends shows that the learning portal goes beyond the training frame to become an extension to marketing and communication.

And this is not only for the luxury companies, says Elodie. “We have designed learning portals for companies in luxury watches and pharmaceutical industries; they distribute learning contents and services directly on tablets that are now essential tools to everyday work life; employees can access demoes for their clients and training.”

A well designed learning portal is graphically appealing with an intuitive navigation. Gamification can add some playful and interactive elements that will motivate the learner. On the side of the training manager, it is important to engage learners and keep them engaged and motivated to learn, whereas the administrator will emphasize an the needs to have clear and useful reporting dashboards.

In order to get a better insight of the impact and the challenges of having a well designer learning portal, MOS – MindOnSite is organizing a webinar on the “Design of Learning Portals” on the 21 October. This webinar will be held in French.

Register now to the Webinar of 21 October (French only).