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Our Virtual Classroom partner

live session

Live Session, our Virtual Classroom partner


Live Session is a publisher and value-added reseller that provides services and solutions supporting long-term training deployment and remote and real-time communication through the internet.

Its objective is to help training organisations and companies in the creation and development of live and asynchronous eLearning programmes and web conferences, from a technical and pedagogical standpoint.

Live Session is a true pioneer in virtual classe services and offers a comprehensive solution from instructional design to technological development.

Its multidisciplinary team of trainers/consultants, designers, technicians, developers…, is specialised in skill transfert, remote project management, user support, and online training solutions. With a multi-platform expertise (Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Lync / Skype for business …), it provides a response tailored to the different needs of the market.



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