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Serious Factory

Our Serious Games and Simulation partner

Serious Factory

Serious Factory, our Serious Games and Simulation partner

Serious Factory is a developer of innovative, educational solutions for training purposes, such as immersive simulators, serious games, digital solutions based on the Gamification concept, and more. By offering an outside-the-box learning and demonstration experience, our solutions rapidly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales meetings.

Serious Factory also features Virtual Training Suite™, an innovative training software solution that immerses sales teams and customer service managers in realistic 3D situations involving in-store sales, call centers, difficult client reception scenarios, etc.


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Serious Factory, our partner for the Smart Learning Portal for sales forces

The developer of immersive simulators offers training for acquiring new sales methods and techniques based on a behavioral approach. Through this training, participants can:

  • Train independently through interactive courses designed to further facilitate learning
  • Test their knowledge with practical exercises
  • Play simulation games to improve and increase acquisition of new skills

The objective of the “Vente Créatique®” method is to maximise and ensure customer satisfaction. It is based on the following factors:

  • Behavioral logic of the customer
  • Management of customer dissatisfaction
  • Identification of customer purchasing profiles
  • Establishment of specific sales processes

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