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Gamifying learning portals to improve their efficiency

In her March 2016 interview in eLearning Letter, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, focuses on the importance of gamifying learning portals to increase learners engagement and learning programmes efficiency.

Through a series of questions, she shares with us her vision on gamification and in particular, that of a learning portal, and explains how it applies to our Smart Learning Portals, in terms of graphical appearance, functionalities…

Gamifying learning portals to improve their efficiency mindonsite féfaur

Gamifying learning portals to improve their efficiency

Gamification is a strong trend in the training industry around the world… What difference do you see between gamification and serious game?

Serious games as gamification are largely inspired by video games and use some of their components and mechanisms. While serious games are fun pedagogical applications, gamification brings game thinking into the learning environment, for example, by representing a learner’s successes and rewards in badges.

Elodie Primo explains that “for a learning portal to be fun and interactive, efforts on several aspects need to be made: graphical appearance, features, learning content, etc.

Why gamify a training? What new perspectives does digitalisation open?

Gamification uses sthe engagement loop (motivation, action and feedback) and increases learners motivation. It also pushes the limits of mandatory training: learners are no longer a simple training target but become active participants of their learning journey.

MOS – MindOnSite developed ready-to-use learning portals called Smart Learning Portals…

Our Smart Learning Portals are turney and ready-made learning spaces that ease the initiation and deployment of learning programmes. They answer specific challenges of a particular business sector and address all the target audience of an extended enterprise.

They are often deployed along a Corporate LMS that is essentially intended to manage talents more than business aspects“, specifies Elodie Primo.

Are those new portals gamified?

For Elodie Primo, “we gamify a portal everytime it makes sense! For example, the Smart Learning Portal for Sales Forces that includes modules on sales created by Serious Factory, shows the learner’s progress as badges based on 3 levels of expertise. Gamification is indeed central to the co-creation of learning environment with our clients.”

Is a gamified learning portal more expensive?

If, on one side, it indeed requires more work, on the other side, it is clearly worth it.

Taking example of a sport association that implemented a programme to foster the organisation’s corporate culture, Elodie Primo explains that gamification is a win-win situation, for both the learner and the company.