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Integrate an LMS into your organization. Why? How?

In her interview published on 20 November on the Bsoco website, Elodie Primo answers to a series of questions on the key factors to successfully integrate a LMS platform. She first talks about the major stages to implement, the challenges and benefits to integrate a LMS platform, and Return On Investment (ROI). She then lists the key features to consider when choosing a LMS platform in an organization.

This interview is part of the December thematic case study of the software comparison website “Integrate an LMS into your existing business, why? How?”.

In his editorial, Sébastien Fraysse , Expert Standards & eLearning platforms, talks about the LMS platform market. The LMS is rich and complex and has evolved considerably in the past 10 years: technological revolution with new technologies such as web, Cloud and mobility. Then divergent strategies amongst software publishers. For some, it is about agility and “Small is beautiful”, for some, power and “too big to fail”. Finally, the LMS market is a regenerating market and far from being dead!

To read Elodie’s interview “Objectives, benefits, ROI, key features…”

All you need to know to easily implement an LMS in your organization”, please click here.




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