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Integrate newcomers with the Smart Onboarding Portal

Integrate newcomers with the Smart Onboarding Portal

In his article published on 29 April in Elearning Letter, Michel Diaz, Associate Director at Féfaur, shares the discussion he had with Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, around the webinar on 12 April.

Insights on this interview and on the Smart Learning Portals, a new range of customised learning portals.

smart onboarding portal mindonsite

Smart Learning Portal by MOS-MindOnSite

For Elodie Primo, “the Smart Learning Portals enable any company, whatever its industry and size, to get a personalised learning portal very rapidly and at minimal cost.”

We assist training managers to deliver as quickly as possible a portal that meets the needs of their internal or external customers, while dedicating a minimum of time, because they are also very busy!

Through collaboration with experts from different business sectors, these learning portals are modeled taking into account user interfaces and services, business training content or themes. They are adaptable to any visual identity, process and training content.

Elodie Primo adds to that: “we offer three levels of customisation: “turnkey”, with company’s logo and some off-the-shelf content – that portal would fit a sales forces training programme; the second level involves customising graphical models and services, and integrating third-party content; and at the third level, you get to create portals from a blank page, designed, produced and deployed in accordance with a company’ s specifications, deadlines, and budget.

These ready-to-use portals are available for different industries: Aeronautic, Bancassurance, Sales forces, Agri-food…


Smart Onboarding Portal

The Smart Onboarding Portal is one of the Smart Learning Portals that can effectively integrate new employees into a company.

It contributes to the preparation of newcomers before their actual arrival day in the company: “Ability to maintain contact and inform employees of their onboarding programme, opportunity to train with resources made ​​available on the Portal…” It also supports a “proper application of knowledge acquired in a work situation.”

Finally, it is a crucial step to the discovery phase, through presentations and videos of the company, its products and services. “From this point of view, we can speak of flipped portal as one speaks of flipped classroom, and this approach is particularly relevant that now creating fair quality video is inexpensive.”

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