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LearnInnov workshops 2017

December 7th and 8th, 2017

Bpifrance’s premises, 6-8 Bd Haussmann Paris


Reviewing and experimenting with major innovations in training – Training in pitching solutions and demonstrations

IL&DI, a firm specialised in innovation in training presents a new edition of LearnInnov, an exceptional event in the digital learning sector.  During these two days, you will be able to attend 16 workshops of 1h30 to discover and practice all the 2017 novelties, while meeting major players I the field.  The two highlights of the training are:

  • The Workshops
  • The Learning Genius showcase

Thursday, December 7

The first day will begin with workshops, with the presence of MOS – MindOnSite:

Raphael Faugere, Customer Success Manager MOS – MindOnSite, will speak on the topic: “Artificial intelligence: Chatbots and deep learning in action” and will answer the following questions:

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Which applications in training?
  • How to integrate artificial intelligence into training devices?


Friday, December 8

The second and final day will be animated with 16 pitches composed of innovative solutions to cover all the topics of innovation in training:

  • LMS & MOOC/SPOC platform
  • Authoring Tools & CMS (Content Management System)
  • Virtual/Heightened Reality & Serious Game
  • Mobile learning
  • On-the-shelf content & complete teaching device
  • Blended-Learning (digital classroom, virtual classroom)
  • Teaching method
  • Educational game
  • Innovative approach

Short presentations, paced, that go straight to the point, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Exchanges and discussions with the speakers are extended during the lunch, the scheduled meetings and the closing cocktail.

Raphael Faugere, Customer Success Manager MOS – MindOnSite, will speak on the LMS topic: “Lack of commitment from the learner, insufficient ROI on the training side?  For each problematic or thematic, its gamified Learning Portal for a real immersion!”

The big showcase on a unique training portal does not give visibility and priority to solutions that meet the real challenges of business.

The gamified multi-portal offers in a unique platform different universes and integrates many gamification levers:

Credits, points, virtual currencies, gauges, levels, badges, leader boards/ranking boards and dashboards (individual, groups, for ex. regions, countries…)

Program & Inscription