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The LMS, a driving force to learning

The e-learning letter’s January issue offers us an overview on LMS platforms with 5 players in the LMS industry, by giving them the floor to express the learning value they want to create for their clients.

Amongt those editors, MOS – MindOnSite who considers the learner in all his/her dimensions. The LMS platform is a generator of business and thematic learning portals. Each portal is a “learning universe“, a space to learn and to learn in an interconnected ecosystem.

Translation note:

The French word “apprenance” is a closer translation to the English word “Learning”, as it expresses a continuous action and encompasses “the willingness to learn and learn together on several levels – individual, organisational, inter-organisational and societal –” is unleashed.


The LMS, a driving force to learning

Learning, a concept that grows in strength

“Apprenance” places the learner at the heart of his/her training and employability.

The MOS Chorus LCMS (Learning Content Management System) empowers the learner in his/her learning; he/she transmits knowledge and good practices; he/she becomes a resource producer, a content contributor (video, quiz); he/she can express him/herself through blogs and polls peers in forums.

From “LMS platform” to “learning portals”

The learning company develops a culture of adaptive service based on the needs expressed on the field.” It must expand learning beyond its walls to reach its extended organisation.

Business learning portals vs thematic learning portals

While the thematic portal focuses on a specific area (e.g. project management…), the business portal meets the learning challenges of a business sector and aims at making the employees operational and resourceful more quickly and efficiently. These two types of portals are part of MOS – MindOnSite new offering, the Smart Learning Portals. Ready-to-use portals that are specific to a theme or a business sector, they facilitate and accelerate the development and deployment of learning programmes.

Learn more about Smart Learning Portals.

A learning universe in practice

A business or thematic learning portal conveys a company’s culture, values and brand essence and meets the needs of targeted learning populations, through graphic and pedagogic design. Each portal offers a unique world that offers individualised training, evaluation of performance and validation of objectives.

Learn more about the 3 levels of customisation of the Smart Learning Portals.


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