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Mobile Learning accelerating skill development

It is a fact, smartphones cannot be avoided. They conquered all aspects of our daily lives, changed our habits and digitised our lives… This digital transformation is impacting the field of training as well.

Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about Mobile Learning as a concrete way to accelerate skill development. (Tribune published in E-learning Letter on 5 October 2015).


Mobile Learning, more than a buzz word!

In face-to-face sessions, skills are acquired during the learning phase and Mobile Learning pushes these limits. It has become a necessary complement to existing modalities (face-to-face or eLearning).

Elodie Primo highlights key examples of how Mobile Learning is used in face-to-face sessions: when preparing for a course, during an evaluation or whilst practising.


Mobile Learning as a support to learning

It is a priority for MOS – MindOnSite to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of learning environments where learners are engaged throughout their training. The learning experience must be continuous, comprehensive and fluid, made of ​​just-in-time and just-enough content.

“Mobile Learning enhances learning environment effectiveness by supporting knowledge and skill retention” says Elodie Primo. She takes the example of a client Air France that granted its pilots access to regulatory documentation on their iPad (2012) and to eLearning modules with the development of the MOS Player for iPad app (2013).


The learning environment at the heart of digitising

Elodie Primo shares with us the process of co-creating an innovative and digitised learning environment, through uDesign – a tool internally developed and based on specific methodology and tools.

She also mentions the new mobile app launched jointly by Demos and Teach On Mars. It is an extension of the MOS Chorus platform and a pedagogical complement that enhances the performance of learning environments.


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