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MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learning

MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learning

MOS Chorus, the LMS for extended enterprise learning


In her interview published in French on Elearning Letter on 16 May 2014, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learning. She reflects on the current learning trends; aware of the importance of learning for their own competitiveness, companies tent to train not only their internal employees but also their network of partners, resellers, distributors and clients.

Elodie Primo reminds us that the extended enterprise learning is a very hot topic; companies are more and more global and expand their organization outside of their traditional framework. They value their network and ensure consistent and enhanced communication within and with their departments. Taking examples of the case studies in Swiss watch, hairstyle or telecommunication industries, Elodie Primo discussed the economic, social and technologic challenges of extended enterprise learning.


The MOS Chorus platform has all the right features to serve the extended enterprise learning!

The LMS/LCMS platform of MOS – MindOnSite did highly contribute to the success of learning projects, with features that respond to the extended enterprise learning and its fast deployment capacity: “multi-site” platform, portal design, gamification features, easy integration with external systems.


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