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️ MOS CoVivre: solidary learning portal!

Let’s move forward together to make this period a great opportunity for learning !


Have you seen the bird in our logo? It is hummingbird, only bird capable of flying in all directions, it is at the heart of an Amerindian legend saying that to extinguish a fire everyone must do his part. So, we have naturally chosen the hummingbird as an emblem of our solidarity offer named MOS CoVivre. This offer aims at helping companies and administrations cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

What is MOS CoVivre offer about? 

To help you maintain the continuity of training for your learners, we have built MOS – CoVivre offer, based on two axes:

  • MOS CoVivre portal, solidary digital learning portal
  • MOS CoVivre plan, offer with preferential rates to all business serving the public good or being severely affected by the crisis.

What are you going to find in MOS CoVivre portal?

How to access the portal?

You have two options to access the portal:

  • Direct access to MOS CoVivre portal
  • Creation of your MOS CoVivre training system to:
    • Add your own content
    • Communicate with your learners on the evolution of the situation
    • Share essential content freely with your ecosystem
    • Customise the interface and services




What is MOS CoVivre plan?

In addition to MOS CoVivre portal, we have decided to support even more strongly the businesses serving the public good or being severely affected by the crisis by offering a plan with privileged conditions for the implementation of one or several  digital learning portals.

Our commitments 

  • Free and unlimited user licences until September 1st 2020
  • No commitment
  • Special price
  • Possibility of deferred payment