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One day to succeed your LMS strategy (2)

Preparing the 2015 Seminar LMS Féfaur held on 23 June in Paris, Féfaur asked 5 leaders of the LMS market (including MOS – MindOnSite) their opinions about key elements of LMS strategy (interview published on E-learning Letter on 14 May 2015).

Strategy Data Information Plan Marketing Solution Vision Concept

“LMS maturity” degree in companies

For Elodie Primo, “80% of our clients use 20% of all features and 20% of our clients use 80% of all features”. Gamified and mobile portals as well as evaluation and skill management are among the most advanced and used functionalities.

Platform accessibility to SMEs

The SMEs use LMS as intranet / extranet, in particular within sales and distribution networks. Although big companies have exclusivity on Talent Management Systems, scalable LMS can be used by any type of organisation.

To read the whole interview (available in French), click here.