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One day to succeed your LMS strategy (3)

Preparing the 2015 Seminar LMS Féfaur held on 23 June in Paris, Féfaur asked 4 leaders of the LMS market (including MOS – MindOnSite) what are the three most important issues that lead an LMS project to success (interview published on E-learning Letter on 8 June 2015).

Learning Management System (LMS) word cloud concept


LMS deployment

For Elodie Primo, “the LMS serves the business. Its deployment is a major project that must entail a well-defined strategy. Like any software, an LMS is an empty shell!” The LMS project has to be considered in its IT and organisational dimension, but not only. It is above all a support to develop skills.

Motivation identification

When starting to build an LMS project, it is key to identify the elements that motivate learners to connect again and again: just-on-time content corresponding to daily issues, rhythm of distribution, etc.


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