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We lead your learning projects to success!

We offer expertise, learning solutions and consulting/support services to implement your learning environment.


Designer of multimodal learning environment

Together, we design, initiate and deploy the learning environment that answers your ecosystem’s learning needs.

Innovative and complete, digital and blended, multi-device and multi-cultural, your learning environment perfectly fits in with your context and evolves with your learning challenges.

Haute Couture portal designer

The integrated editors of its MOS Chorus LMS/LCMS platform offer a rich and wide range of graphical and functional capabilities: every company can adapt the entire look and feel of its user portals to its very own brand and include all the necessary features, to be as close as possible to its learners.

Swiss knife of eLearning

Extremely agile and modular, the MOS Chorus LMS/LCMS platform is ideal to deploy in a very short period of time learning programmes addressed to internal and external ecosystems.


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