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Complete and innovative solutions to answer all your learning needs

We make our solutions available to you and assist you in implementing innovative and digitised learning environment where you decide the objectives and the degree of customisation.

mindonsite_our solutionsTogether, we

  • Conceive a learning environment that is adapted to your business sector and your learning challenges
  • Identify the characteristics specific that are to your target populations
  • Prepare the implementation conditions in your context
  • Co-create a personnalised environment on uDesign, our instructional design methodology
  • Work on the communication plan to motivate your learners and involve your managers
  • Deploy your learning environment with the help of your teams
  • Ensure a post-deployment follow-up with your teams

mindonsite_our solutionsA global and blended learning environment

Your learning environment is an organised structure containing

  • Pedagogical resources
  • Personnalised spaces (piloting, learning and monitoring portals)
  • Rich and diverse learning modalities
  • Adapted services

mindonsite_our solutionsOur learning environment help you to

  • Stimulate your learners’ interest and engagement
  • Develop and evaluate skills and knowledge
  • Centralise documentations and resources
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication
  • Promote your company’s culture
  • Reduce time and costs related to training
  • Maximise the return on investment (ROI) of your training programmes

Let’s together your learning environment !

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