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Key features MOS Chorus 039

Informing, training, evaluating and certifying your employees, your customers or your network of resellers has never been so simple

Discover the features of the 039 version of MOS Chorus

features 039

For Users

Rating training activities

Users can now rate the training courses and training resources they have access to by leaving a comment or give it stars out of 5.  The best rated courses and training resources can be made available on the user interface.

Configuration test

MOS now offers the possibility to test one’s computer and browser configuration to ensure their compatibility with MOS Chorus.  This is to ensure the optimal viewing experience of all the eLearning content available on the LMS that the user has access to.

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For Authors

Mobile learning

The CSS formatting of styles and interfaces in MOS Chorus can now adjust itself to the user’s screen resolution. For instance, a style that uses a 12pt size for a particular font on a standard screen can reduce that font size to 10pt for a screen resolution that’s less than 480px wide. This feature works in Internet Explorer 9 and in other recent browsers.

MOS Chorus can also use an HTML5 reader natively for MP4 and MP3 files on Android devices.

Simplified video integration

MOS Chorus now allows you to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos simply by entering their URL.  This new feature also lets users benefit from streaming

For Administrators

Duplicating sites by exporting CSV files

MOS Chorus lets you export the structure of folders without the related content or groups. Exporting sites in CSV format allows for the re-importation of folders so that sites can be duplicated automatically rather than manually.

Other improvements

  •         Web services
  •         Dashboards
  •         Security features
  •         Notifications
  •         Certificates
  •         User interfaces
  •         Content editing
  •         General features