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Key features MOS Chorus 040

Informing, training, evaluating and certifying your employees, your customers or your network of resellers has never been so simple

Discover the features of the 040 version of MOS Chorus

features 040

For Users

User profile

Possibility for the user to edit the profile and a photo to it.

Novelties on the user interface

The option “Accept the conditions” can be added on the interface options if a welcome page needs to be added when the user logs in for the first time.

Browser compatibility

Improved compatibility with the advanced search feature and possibility to create announcements and articles in Chrome and Safari


Possibility to generate a QR code on direct links to courses or resources.

For Authors

Simplified video integration

You can now insert insert YouTube (or other) videos simply by entering their URL.  This new feature also lets users benefit from streaming.

Displaying of HTML code

New option in the course preferences to display the « HTML » button below the content editing area in order to directly edit the HTML code of a page


Possibility to change the order of course page models and predefined formats.

Possibility to display the percentage of a learner’s progress in a course in the progress bar as opposed to the number of course pages they still need to follow.

Styles Mobile learning

Possibility to swipe from one page to the next on mobile devices wider than 500 pixels.

Interface and content edition

« Reference » option in the window user for adding media that allows the content creator to insert a URL instead of a file, and « Iframe » option in the choice of reader for inserting an


« Linear Pages » option added to the activity properties of a course.  This feature gives the option to limit access from the Pages menu to pages that have already been visited or to the page that follows the current page.

Evaluations and certificates

Possibility to put a score of 0 on an exercise within an evaluation so that it’s not taken into account when calculating the overall evaluation score.

For Administrators


Addition of « Deactivated » filter for Users and Participants in order to filter for deactivated profiles.

Other improvements

  • Web services
  • New web.config parameters
  • Dashboards
  • Security features
  • Notifications
  • Certificates
  • User interfaces
  • Content editing
  • General features