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Key features MOS Chorus 041

Informing, training, evaluating and certifying your employees, your customers or your network of resellers has never been so simple

Discover the features of the 041 version of MOS Chorus

features 041

For Users

Wait list

It is possible to register to a wait list and « mark your interest »

User profile

It is possible to generate an avatar to display as profile picture.

Course registration

It is possible to ask the manager to be registered on a course. The manager can refuse the request and add explanatory comments.

New calendar

Displays an overview on training sessions (face-to-face training, coaching, virtual sessions). Sessions can be imported to the learner’s calendar.

For Administrators

Look & Feel of MOS Chorus

New look & feel of the back-office interface of MOS Chorus platform

New calendar

The administrator manages all the sessions (face-to-face training, coaching, virtual sessions) and all the participants in one single calendar. The calendar view is available in day, week or month for more convenience. You can choose a time zone when creating a training session and edit it afterwards.

Other improvements

  • New web.config parameters
  • General features
  • Dashboards
  • Notifications
  • Certificates