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Key features MOS Chorus 042

Informing, training, evaluating and certifying your employees, your customers or your network of resellers has never been so simple

Discover the features of the 042 version of MOS Chorus

features 042

For Users

Face-to-face training management

MOS Chorus integrates the international dimensions, by displaying the start and end date and time, the time zones and the location on the user’s portal. When the user selects his time zone it is updated throughout the portal.

Social interface

The interface enables the display of the list of appreciations and comments left by other users.

The user profile picture is displayed when he/she creates announcements and forums’ topics and messages.


Badges can be assigned to objectives and be customised by an icon that will be then be displayed on the user interface. Reporting is also done at the level of the badges’ types’ objectives.


MOS Chorus is compatible with the Edge browser at the user portal and back-office administration level.

The loading time of the courses on iOS is also optimised.

An « Appointment » type notification in Outlook can be sent from a MOS Chorus notification.

MOS Calendar 2.0

A user can enrol in courses or ask permission of his/her manager or a reference person. He/she can send messages to a participant, his/her tutor, or the whole group.

For Administrators

Face-to Face training management

The platform manages the time zones and the information related to the face-to-face sessions. The administrator can add a complete description and specify the training location either by choosing a predefined location or by freely adding one.

It is possible to define the icons of the face-to-face sessions in which the learner is enrolled.

MOS Calendar 2.0

The administrator can manage eLearning sessions (in addition to virtual training, coaching and face-to-face).

The synchronisation between MOS Chorus and MOS Calendar is instantaneous: a session created in MOS Chorus is added in MOS Calendar (and vice-versa), likewise if it is modified.

Administrators can generate attendance sheet, add the detail of the virtual session to a Word or PDF document and link a session with feedback question.


Improvement of the option to copy a course’s groups on another course and the .ics files to add sessions in Outlook calendars.

The name and the e-mail address of the sender are taken, if he sends notifications manually.

For Managers

Participations’ results summary

Managers have now access to the participations’ results summary of the team they manage, on the link of the course. They access the summary of results at the group level or the user level and can even go as far as the detail of the results and the participant’s responses.

MOS Calendar 2.0

Managers are able to view the sessions in which at least one or more members of their team is enrolled.

For Authors

Content editor

The new HTML5 player enables a perfect synchronisation between the media and the display of comments. This works with the audios and videos imported in the editor and the YouTube and vimeo videos.

It is possible to activate a function at the end of a played video, obliging the learner to go all the way through the end in order to go to the next page or display a comment.

It is also possible to display comments during the playing of the media (display or removal after x seconds, pausing the media).

New parameters for the HTML5 and iFrame players:

  • responsive: to have responsive videos
  • playsinline: to allow the playing of the video included in the page instead of in full-screen mode on iOS mobile (iOS 10)


Improvement of the remaining display time in a course with a time limit.  The last minute, the countdown displays in second.
Improvement of the metadata synchronisation when closing the content editor (always quit the course via the menu MOS Chorus->Close).

MOS Analytics Extension

MOS Analytics highlights your key performance indicators tracked on your platform, such as completion status, score and validation date.

All of your data is centralised in the same place and you only present what is relevant.  You explore them through beautiful interactive and intelligent visualisations.

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New range of styles and interface

We offer you a whole new range of free styles and a new responsive interface. To download them, visit our resource center, MOS Center.

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