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MOS Chorus Extensions

"À la carte" services to go even further on the performance of your training system

MOS Chorus is an open platform that easily interfaces with other systems. It makes it an even richer platform in terms of features: certificates, virtual classrooms, streaming, e-commerce, etc.


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Web services

  • Offers the possibility to connect your internal systems and applications (HR-IS, CRM, ERP) with MOS Chorus platform
  • A great number of web services are available

  • Create, broadcast and visualise your evaluations, accreditations and certifications in just a few clicks in MOS Chorus :
    • Advanced customisation on the content and design (score, signature, results, dates, logotypes, colors, etc.)
    • Overall view with deadline monitoring and period of validity
    • Deadline notifications by automated e-mails
    • PDF export and certificates storage
    • Agile integration in manager or trainer workspace
    • Historic digitalisationMOS Certificates is both comprehensive and simple to use. It will become your essential tool for all your evaluation campains (annual interview, skills evaluation, regulatory qualification, accreditations, onboarding, etc.)

  • Create and manage the administration of your virtual classrooms directly in MOS Chorus thanks to the best solutions available on the market.
    • Interface with web conferences and third-part editors virtual classrooms tools. You are free to choose your solution according to your needs and resources
    • Easy virtual classrooms creation in MOS Chorus platform
    • Simple management of invitations, inscriptions and participants
    • Notifications directly managed in MOS Chorus
    • Automatic archiving of attendees details (names, time spent, update of the completion status) at the end of every session

  • Broadcast all your training videos in high definition in a safe and customisable environment thanks to VIMEO PRO’s professional solutions

  • Send reminder notifications via text message and let your users know about their enrolments, date and time of their sessions and objective completion

  • Offer paid courses to your network of learners through PAYPAL, an online payment service

  • Ease sharing and social interactions between users and tutors directly on your MOS Chorus platform

  • Automate and accelerate MCQ creation (unique and multiple-choice questionnaires) with an Excel file and easily add predefined exercises in MOS Chorus

  • Easily produce PDF version of the different information registered in MOS Chorus : completion certificates, dashboards, content

  • Explore your training data through nice, interactive and smart visualisations and highlight your key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Organise all your training sessions thanks to a dynamic calendar for learners, tutors, managers, supervisors and administrators

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