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MOS Chorus Extensions

Services that complements the MOS Chorus platform with other systems and applications

MOS Chorus extensions

MOS Chorus is an open platform that easily interfaces with other systems. It makes it an even richer platform in terms of features: e-commerce, virtual classroom, calendar.

Web services

  • Offers the possibility to connect your internal systems and applications (HR-IS, CRM, ERP) with the MOS Chorus platform
  • MOS Chorus has a great number of available web services
  • Lets you explore your training data through beautiful, interactive and smart visualisations
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  • Helps organise training sessions (face-to-face training, coaching, virtual sessions)
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  • Facilitates the distribution of your videos in a secure and customisable environment.
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mos_virtual classroom
  • Makes it easier to create WebEx virtual classes and retrieve information on participants
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  • Offers the possibility to sell training catalogues online, to automate registration process and to control access and online payment
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  • Lets you to load predefined multiple-choice or single-answer exercises in a course on the MOS Chorus platform, from an Excel document
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  • Generates a PDF version of certificates for completing a training course or achieving goals, dashboards
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  •  Enables an online chat panel to facilitate group communication between participants and tutors
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It is really simple to connect your internal systems with our MOS Chorus platform.

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