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MOS Player for iPad

Mobile Learning app dedicated to aero

Your trainings directly accessible on your iPad in online/offline mode!

MOS Player for iPad is an application developed for businesses in need of more safety and regulations such as aeronautics. This app lets your nomad learers follow their eLearning courses on thier iPad whether they are at home, on the road or simply offline.

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Train nomad populations easily

Offer to your teams a modern, fun and informal training method. Thus, boost motivation thanks to gamifications and badges acquisition.

Access your training content without connection

You download your eLearning courses before leaving and follow them offline anytime anywhere you want. Your scores and progress are saved locally and then synchronised with the LMS platform, as soon as you are back online.

Offer a mobile and flexible training solution

Thanks to this mobile app, reduce logistical contraints and let your learners choose the best moment for them to learn.

Deploy your training process in a few clicks

Benefit from a simplified administration directly in MOS Chorus and be sure of the data safety thanks to the secured data transmission between MOS Chorus and MOS Universal Player.

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