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Benchmark LMS

The Benchmark is the primary source of information for companies willing to acquire a LMS platform.

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The LMS platforms have become essential to companies that want to modernise, digitalise and optimise their training system. The LMS must take into account their current and future needs. It must be flexible to configure, simple to use, and capable to deploy formal, informal, social, mobile, digital and blended learning resources. It must be able to seamlessly integrate with other internal applications.


Benchmark FFOOD

The association FFFOD commits itself to optimising the know-how, the action plans and the strategy of its subscribers in the context of professional digital learning. FFFOD annually publishes its free LMS platform benchmark during the Learning Technologies exhibition end of January in Paris.

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Benchmark LMS Féfaur

Féfaur advises businesses and training organisations on how to define and implement their Digital Learning strategy. Based on a high level of expertise and experience, their mission gives rise to customers “Digital Learning® Development Plan”. Féfaur annually publishes its LMS platform benchmark.

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(available in French only)