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Configuration test

A quick and simple test to ensure you access online content on your eLearning platform in the best conditions

Configuration test

Test your configuration, so that you can make sure you view all the content on your eLearning platform without any difficulties.


The link below will help you test the configuration of your computer and your browser in the following aspects:

  • javascript
  • your size screen
  • your browser
  • your IP address
  • new java versions
  • the pop-up windows blocker
  • flash animations
  • the video (MP4, WMV et Vimeo)
  • the sound (MP3)

If you have trouble with one or several of these tests, you might not be able to view some of the content on your eLearning platform properly. We suggest that you take a screenshot of this page and email it to your IT support so that they can optimize your configuration or your connection, as necessary.

Test your configuration


What about customising this test for your organisation?

This configuration test can easily be customised with your company’s graphic chart and logo. You can also add some additional tests!

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