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Does the ideal LMS platform exist?

Expert Opinion on the role and requirements that an ideal LMS platform needs to fulfill

Does the ideal LMS platform exist?

Expert Opinion, by Michel Diaz

ideal LMS platform

Michel Diaz, Associate Director Féfaur, opens a discussion on LMS platforms, based on the existing studies of Brand Hall and Féfaur. Through the results of those international studies, he provides the reader with keys to reflect on the reasons for changing platforms or on the actual role an LMS plays in an organisation.

Obviously, requirements vary according to users’ profile. Whether you are a training Supervisor, a Marketer, a training Designer or a training Manager, the needs, the requirements, and the overall use of an LMS platform are never the same. Therefore, one can ask “Can an LMS please everyone?”

Michel Diaz talks about the following questions in order to answer this key question:

  • What are the LMS platform actually used for?
  • Do they really need that much of improvement – as many suggest?
  • Is it better to have one or several LMS platforms?
  • What about using learning portals? Those ready-to-use portals that can easily be deployed to target specific learning populations
  • And finally, is there an ideal LMS platform that pleases all its users?

We are currently translating this Opinion Paper. It should be made available to you very soon.