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Individualising and industrialising training

How to customize your training, without increasing the costs and to automate them without falling into standard training

White Paper “Individualising and industrialising training: two complementary requirements”

Michel Diaz, Associate Director Féfaur, discusses about this seemingly insoluble equation of individualising and industrialising training. How to individualise it without increasing the training costs? How to industrialize it without falling into standard training?

While the individualisation of training is possible, it needs to be done inexpensively since, in a world where ever more employees will need to be trained ever more frequently, training costs cannot increase proportionately to the number of employees trained, nor – a fortiori – to the number of training actions.

As for the industrialisation of training, what exactly does this entail? And which obstacles need to be overcome? In fact, the industrialisation of training activities is often frowned upon by instructors and learners alike. We can particularly understand instructors’ disapproval, since industrialisation and automation are often detrimental to employment.


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