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Succeed in integrating newcomers with learning portals

Towards the Smart Onboarding Portal

White paper “Succeed in integrating newcomers with learning portals”

Integration is a key moment in an employee’s path within a company and its success is at stake for all: employees, managers, teams, business units, support function…

It provides a great opportunity for training to reinvent itself: all it will design and implement is likely to improve its offering, its environment and processes. All employees or network of partners will benefit from it.

The company can not do without an “Onboarding portal”, similar to a learning portal but adapted to the needs of the integration stakeholders. In return this portal will significantly enlight the learning, consulting and daily support environments and units.

This is the topic of the white paper written by Michel Diaz Féfaur, fed by discussions exchanged with the Team MOS – MindOnSite, one of the European leader in learning portals, particularly its Smart Onboarding Portal.


The White Paper is currently being translated. It will be made available on this page very soon. Stay tuned !