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The training in the extended enterprise

How to increase your company's performances with the extended enterprise training

White paper “The training in the extended enterprise: a model for the training department”

Michel Diaz, Associate Director Féfaur, exposes the challenges of deploying learning programmes within today’s companies that are more and more global. The extended enterprise is the company conceived of as one element in a larger ensemble that includes its suppliers, distributors, and customers. The extended enterprise concept is useful for realising that the performance of a company now depends on the performance of its partners, and not just that of its employees.

Companies are thriving to work in a network, promote the efficient flow of information, and share as many resources as possible. That company is ultimately attempting to implement a customer-supplier relationship between its different entities, drawing inspiration from the relationships that they have with their customers or external suppliers.

What are the solutions that help facilitating and increasing the information exchange in the networks, that allow to train and inform internal and external employees, and that encourage loyalty and integrate all the actors of the extended enterprise?


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