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Seminar LMS Féfaur 2016

Seminar LMS Féfaur 2016

Seminar LMS Féfaur 2016

16 June 2016, Salon Champs-Elysées Boétie, Paris (France)

 Séminaire LMS Féfaur 2016

A one-day seminar to choose the right Digital Learning portal for your organisation!

  • Discover LMS and Digital Learning platforms, their scopes and usage
  • Identify selection criteria and learning solutions adapted to your organisation
  • Conduct Request for Proposal, Digital Learning platform configuration and deployment in an efficient manner
  • Learn about design of learning portals to engage learners, managers and trainers
  • Assess budget and internal workload in response to a Digital Learning platform implementation
  • Find the right ROI arguments to present to your management

Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, will talk about the “Learning Portals: new horizon for learning” at 9:30 am, covering topics such as:

  • Types of learning portals: business-related, thematic, onboarding; benefits for employees and companies
  • Portals and learning experience: gamification, badging, Social Learning
  • How to use a LMS to generate several portals within the same company and iwithin its ecosystem of partners
  • Reduce delays in terms of portals generation and deployment with the “Smart Learning Portals”


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