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Digital Learning

A learning experience goes beyond professional training activities with Digital Learning

Smooth and unify the learning experience


The 70:20:10 Model captures the importance of Digital Learning.

  • 70% – practical and informal training
  • 20% – social learning
  • 10% – formal training

mindonsite digital learningSeamless learning with digital tools

For a seamless user experience, learners are involved throughout their training. They evaluate, learn, train, apply and practice before, during and after, whenever and wherever they want, with or without an Internet connection. They are informally implicated in their training outside standard working hours.

  • Before (positioning questionnaires, research, videos, reports…)
  • During (quiz, think tank, brainstorm, contextualisation, simulations, Serious Games)
  • After (flash cards, quiz, challenge or battle, blog, work space, community of practice)

mindonsite digital learningGamification

Gamification is the use of game mechanisms in order to engage users in solving problems, to empower them in decision making and to promote learning.

Add a playful dimension to the appearance and features of your learning portal and content within the LMS/LCMS platform MOS Chorus such as digital badges, leader board, points and credits, levels, Social Learning.


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