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Extended Enterprise Learning

We provide solutions to extend learning outside your walls and to stay competitive

Reach your extended enterprise to stay competitive


Extended enterprise learning lets you train, inform, evaluate and certify employees, suppliers, resellers, distributors and clients.

mindonsite extended enterprise learningMOS Chorus supporting the extended enterprise

  • Bring together your internal and external network
  • Put in place a consistent communication within your organisation
  • Involve all your sales forces to your sales strategies
  • Train on your processes and inform on your new services
  • Evaluate the knowledge and put in place accreditation programmes for your resellers
  • Align your services to your own standards of quality
  • Improve your organisation’s overall performance
  • Increase your income with the help of your external partners
  • Simplify the training administration by interfacing your LMS platform with your internal and external systems


White paper on training the extended enterprise

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