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Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic

A complete learning portal for the aeronautic sector

The Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic

The Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic is an individual and collective portal that answers the learning challenges specific to your business sector.

Ready-made, tested and approved, the learning portal for aeronautic is built on the experience of the team MOS – MindOnSite and the expertise of our external consultants specialised in that field.

mindonsite Smart Learning Portal for aeronauticWith the Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic,

Your teams navigate within a large library of training resources, access dedicated pedagogical content, train without time constraint and evaluate their skills and knowledge any time.

You have access to a unique and complet portal to manage all your blended learning programmes, ensure compliance and transparency, bring all necessary regulation statements, update and immediately distribute content, and reduce the costs related to your crew members’ immobilisation during training.

mindonsite Smart Learning Portal for aeronauticA ready-to-use learning space

With our Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic, you benefit from

  • A learning portal that has been tailored in terms of graphics, ergonomics, and functionalities
  • Available templates to adapt the user portal to your colours
  • Already integrated catalogues of custom-made or off-the-shelf modules made available by our content partner R-digital
  • Consulting services for the deployment of your portal provided by our aeronautic partner FTSC
  • A communication package to launch your portal
  • A post-deployment follow-up


Our Smart Learning Portal for aeronautic belongs to a series of ready-made business-related portals.


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