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A successful onboarding with Digital Learning

A successful onboarding with Digital Learning

In her interview published on 29 August 2016 in E-Learning Letter, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindonSite, talks about learning portals as a first answer to a successful onboarding. Digital Learning combined with Smart Onboarding Portals reinforce new comers’ efficiency and engagement. They are excellent means to succeed in the onboarding phase.


How to succeed in integrating your new comers thanks to Digital Learning

We are sharing with you some key elements here and more will be discussed during our webinar on 15 September (held in French).

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Are these industrialised onboarding portals are a variation of your “Smart Learning Portals” approach?

The Team MOS – MindOnSite has partnered with industry experts to “industrialise the design, production and deployment of business-related, thematic and blended learning portals“. Together, they have modelled a series of portals that meet the specific learning challenges of particular sectors.

A Smart Learning Portal entails a learning portal – with adapted features and studied graphical design – and catalogues of modules created by field experts.

The Smart Learning Portals offering has three levels of customisation:

  • “Turnkey” – it offers a basic customisation (logo and choice of template), site creation and catalogues of sectoral content catalogues
  • “customisable” – it offers a more advanced graphical customisation. Clients can harmonise their portal with their graphical identity
  • “Custom-made” – it is a fully customised learning portal (both graphical and functional)



How many business sectors are covered?

The Smart Learning Portals exist for aeronautic, bancassurance and sales forces. Agri-food and health are currently being finalised.

For new comers’ onboarding, we have just released the Smart Onboarding Portal, one variation of the Smart Learning Portals.

The goal here is to integrate new comers as soon as possible and in the best possible way. The key issue of onboarding is the proper application of knowledge acquired in the workplace… We want to help companies sustain their skill and knowledge strengthening objective, with resources such as quiz, flash cards, forums…“, explains Elodie Primo.


Is it an integration in a wider meaning, then?

For Elodie Primo, “that is correct. The use of Smart Onboarding Portal goes way beyond. It helps in particular new comers to prepare before their first day in a company, for example by informing them on their onboarding path and their work environment, by offering them the possibility to get some training on the portal beforehand…